School Programs

It Starts With The Shoes director Jim Frank was busy this past winter assisting the Withrow High School English Language Learning Program with their efforts to introduce non-ELL teachers to the program’s participants. Since 2018, Jim has organized a Futsal league where the teachers coach the kids, many of whom are from South and Central America, the Mideast, Africa, and Southeast Asia. The 120 students and 10 teachers who participate make this a very successful program. Maria Hildago, the ELL (ESL) program coordinator is instrumental in recruiting the teachers and players. ISWTS is extremely grateful to be asked to help by providing the Futsal Goals, balls, pennies and The Referee, aka Coach Jim. Many thanks to the teachers and students who make this a great event. Congratulations to all of the participants, teachers and students alike.

August 18, 2023 – It Starts with the Shoes director Jim Frank was busy this past summer assisting the Lockland High School soccer program with their summer training and pre-season camp. Late fall of 2022 It Starts with the Shoes was contacted by Kate Miller to provide shoes for the school’s soccer team that was functioning as a club program. After participating in an indoor league with their newly acquired shoes, the team petitioned to re-organize as a varsity sport at Lockland High School. So, in the fall of 2023, the soccer team will play a full slate of games against area high schools in their inaugural season as a varsity sport. Congratulations to all involved to make this a reality. Good Luck Lockland Panthers.