National Non-Profit Day – August 17th

August 17th is National Non-profit Day.

@itstartswiththeshoes is being sought out by an ever-growing list of soccer teams and individual players in need of shoes, equipment, training, nutrition and transportation.

Coach Jim is now splitting his volunteer time between three high schools and a U-23 soccer club that primarily consists of former high school players he previously coached.

Furthermore, several former players are now interested in obtaining their coaches certifications and have reached out to ISWTS for funding. We think this is a great idea. Not only is Coach Jim assisting more and more schools with training, he is also getting older. What a great way to perpetuate ISWTS than to have kids trained by Coach Jim to go on to become coaches for those in need themselves.

So here is the ask.

If you want to support coaching scholarships distributed by ISWTS, please indicate as such.

ISWTS has several fundraising campaigns in which donors can choose. And as always, donors can contribute to the general fund which goes directly towards shoes, equipment, and nutrition. (Training and transportation is 100% Volunteer time, as is all the administrative duties)

Other campaigns include high school soccer coach stipend enhancement funds.

This is to encourage high school coaches to stay on at developing or rebuilding soccer programs. ISWTS will distribute stipend enhancements to pre-approved soccer programs to soccer coaches who stay on with their respective schools for years 3, 4 and 5 to continue to improve the school’s soccer program.

Another need that ISWTS has been asked to support are individual athlete’s non-soccer related needs. For example, many high school students are in their rapidly growing teenage years and often do not have proper fitting clothes. Many suffer other hardships such as apartment fires, or parent unemployment. ISWTS has been reluctant to support these requests without funds earmarked for these purposes.

If you would like to earmark your donations for any of these causes please indicate as follows:





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It Starts With The Shoes

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